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Christenings and Naming Ceremonies

Christenings give us the opportunity to pause in our new responsibilities as parents and seek God's blessings into our child's life as well as to consciously ask God to guide us in the awesome responsibility of raising a child into adulthood.

Naming Ceremonies have been performed by cultures throughout the world as a way to welcome the child into its family and community and to consciously invite blessings into the child's life. I am happy to share my knowledge of naming ceremonies as well as work with you to create a unique ceremony that will reflect your beliefs, heritage and intentions.

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wedding pictureBirthday Celebrations

Birthdays can be times to reflect on and celebrate the achievements in a person's life. Too often we wait until a person has passed on before we openly speak of how much he or she meant to us. Birthdays that include a pre-planned ceremony can be a wonderful opportunity for an individual to hear how much they are loved and appreciated. I would be happy to talk to you about how to make you or your loved one's birthday celebration unique and meaningful.

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House and Property Blessings

Moving into a new apartment, house or business property is an important event in our lives that is often overlooked. I have performed numerous house blessings that lovingly transform the old energy and welcome the new owners' energy into the physical dwelling. Clients routinely tell me how much better they feel in their new home after such a blessing.

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Funerals and Memorial Services

If you have recently lost a Loved One, may I first offer my deepest condolences. I, too, have lost close family members and I personally know how painful such an experience can be.

When a loved one passes and we are not members of a traditional religion, it can be challenging to find the right minister or officiant to create a ceremony and offer words of comfort and hope that fit your particular beliefs. As a non-denominational minister, I can offer families the opportunity to co-create a ceremony that will fit your beliefs, lift your spirit, and honor the life of the one who has passed before us.


My fees will depend upon the nature of your ceremony, location and other circumstances. Please call me at 503 579-6420 for more information.

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